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Communications Service CompanySkip Bolnick, KJ6YNew Phone Number 818-522-5421

I have retired from the Tower and Antenna Business.

No longer climbing, but still doing some minor repairs.

If you need something like replacement cables for you tower, I can make them up for you.  Just need the size and lengths.

I will still be available for minor repairs or consulting if you have any question

or problems about your tower or antenna installation.


Here is a list of used towers, antennas,

rotators and other equipment available.


Check out these pieces for sale.

If you see anything interesting, let me know.

Also, if you don't see what you want or need, send me an e-mail or give me a call.

I get stuff all the time and don't always have time to get up on the site..

Prices are negotiable.

Updated 5/28//2020


FOR SALE:  Lower mast support for Ham Rotors. used  but in good condition.  Includes hardware.  $25.00 each plus shipping.  These sell new for $89.00 from Hygain



FOR SALE:  Alliance HD-73 rotor and control box.  Checked out and working.  Includes lower mast support and hardware.  $250.00 plus shipping


 Cleaning out the yard and workshop.  After more than 40 years of tower and antenna work, I have accumilated lots of hardware, aluminum and steel.  Lots of boom and element material. Lots of hardware.  Boom to mast brackets, clamps, ubolts, nuts and bolts, coax arms, some antennas,  etc.  Email what you are looking for and I'll check my inventory.  Priced to move.

Lots of rotors and controllers for repair or parts.


Refurbished Ham IV Rotors and Controll Box.  $350.00 plus shipping or pickup Woodlnd Hills, CA


Porcelain Guy Line Strain Insulators 502 and some 504
Large Glass end insulators, 8 1/2 " long.  Used on W6AM Rhombics
Hygain and KLM antenna parts.  Element to boom mounts.  Lexan element mounts.
Coax stand offs for Tri-Ex.  
IIX standoffs for side mounting VHF/UHF antennas
Lots of other stuff. 
Let me know what you are interested in or what you need.  I might have it


SOLD For Sale: US Tower/Tristao HDX-572 free standing 4 section, Heavy Duty crankup. Includes hand winch, rotor plate, base plate, coax arms, 15 ft reinforce mast, tower raising fixture. Package new would be over $15000. Asking $5000.00. Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping
Good Condition.


SOLD:  FOR SALE: MA-40 40 ft 2 section tubular tower. New cable and winch. Includes base plate and anchor bolts, house bracket, coax arm and IV-16 standoff. Excellent condition. Asking $500.00 Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping



SOLD>   FOR SALE: Tri-Ex LM-470 70 ft 4 section heavy duty crank up tower.
New cables, new motor, mast, coax arms, rotor plate. Includes Yaesu G-2800DXA rotor and control with preset. Good condition. This tower alone is over $10,000 new. Asking $6500.00 or offer. Pick up Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping


FOR SALE:  Bird Tremaline Coaxial Resistor.  Make offer.


FOR SALE:  MC Jones Micromatch Power Meter Model 262, Manual $50.00 plus shipping


FOR SALE: DIllon Dynamomweter. 6000 lb Used to adjust cable tension on your guy cables. check out at

Asking $650.00 shipped CONUS


FOR SALE:  Wilson 3 element tribander.  10-15-20 meter.  Good condition.  Pickup Woodland Hills.  $100.00


 FOR SALE:  Telrex 3 element 20 meter beam. An older antenna but good condition. Boom and elements fully assembles.  Pick up only.  $75.00 


 SOLD:  FOR SALE: Tri-Ex MW-65. 65 foot, 4 section crank up tower. Good 1/4" lifting cables. Includes eave mounting bracket, base tilt plate and hand winch.  Tower is free standing when bracket against house. Reduced to $650.00.  Pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer arranges and pays shipping

FOR Sale:  Optibeam 10-15 meter dual band interlaced yagi.   price new about $2500.00.  Asking $1600.00.  Partially disassembled.  Prefer pickup Woodland Hills, CA or buyer must arrange and pay shipping.


FOR SALE: M2 2m9  9 element 2 meter beam. $299.95 new. Asking $125.00 Pickup only. Fully assemble and cannot ship.


T-Base for a US Tower HDX-572 or TX-489.  Never installed.  No anchor bolts or mounting bolts.  This was purchased for a customer and never did the installation. They are $799.00 new.  If you are planning on putting up one of these towers, you can do the concrete ahead of time and order the tower without the base and save some money.  Make me an offer. 


Unidilla 2 position remote coax switch. #105 and C-105 switch and coupler. Feeds control voltage through coax. No extra wiring needed. $100.00 plus shipping.



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